Return Home
The ending is quite satisfactory as the future is looking bright for Red and Andy, out on the shore of Mexico. As far as interpretations go, I found the ending to be quite clear, the only thing that one could really wonder is how successful they are, and what they spend the rest of their lives doing. The time frame of the film is definitely a well placed attempt at making it more realistic, as it can reasonably well proven that a person with an education like Andy’s could indeed outsmart the simplistic prison systems of the 60’s.


The production quality of the film is astounding. If I were to guess at a year (without actually knowing when it released) I would believe easily the early 2000’s, not 1994. Frank Darabont and his crew really made a true timeless classic, because anyone can watch it at any point and believe it was made within the past decade. The plot is truly compiled in a fashion befitting Stephen King’s brilliant mind, and brought to life in a proper fashion on the screen, and truly made powerful with the narration of Morgan Freeman’s smooth voice.