Return Home

The lighting is easily the most effective means of conveying the mood in this movie. As the mood becomes “brighter” so does the lighting, and as hopelessness sets in (For example, Solitary confinement) darkness sets in. It is classic, yet still effective to make light as the symbolism as hope, and darkness as the symbolism of a hopeless attitude.


Sound is present as always in the speech of the characters and all around them, thought most often sounds in a movie around enhanced and dubbed in by an audio engineer so that certain actions can be distinguished by their sounds. Sound can be seen in movies as a means of conveying an element of plot, by hearing the sound of something happen off screen. There were no particular emphases on sounds in the Shawshank Redemption that I found.

Obviously decor is important, as the surrounding are important to plot, and mood. Where the movie takes place is obviously important as the way it looks and makes the characters feel contributes to mood, and can foreshadow to the audience what will happen. Props give an actor business (Drama term meaning, actions to create emphasis on lines), and can be important to prop, such as the rock hammer, bible, and accounting books all used by Andy in his escape. I found one large contribution of clothing to the mood, it is when Andy has just escaped prison, and wears a suit into the bank. The suit represents Andy’s freedom from his prison sentence, where he was forced to wear a uniform.