Return home

A clear example is the scene on the roof where Hadley begins to pull Andy towards the edge, and in advance the angle of the camera shows a quick view of the fall, and then displays an overheard view of the fall with Hadley dangling Andy over that very edge, truly showing just how crazy the guard captain is, and how crazy Andy is for approaching him at all. It follows up by edging around to show all of the pshawshank-5588.jpgrisoners watching this go on and possibly unsure what to think of either of the men standing there.

A second clear example is the numerous shots of when new prisoners arrive and an overheard shot shows the men crowding around the gate, possibly excited to catch a glimpse of the outside, or just curious as to who will become their new cellmates, and to carry bets as to who will break first. This camera angle shows a common unity amongst the prisoners and how one offset to their regular day can cause a massive excitement among them.