Return Home
When Andy first arrives at Shawshank prison, he is quiet and scared out of his wits. Yet, once he develops a friendship with Red he begins to come out of his shell and develop into a leader of sorts. After aiding Hadley, his education and intelligence proves to be his main asset, helping him to come out of his shell, and save himself from the harsh environment he isn’t accustomed too. Andy is shown as strong willed, and tenacious, exemplified by his action of writing letters frequently requesting expansion to the prison library, and when he finally receives it, he begins to write twice as often, in order to gain more.


Andy does not bow easily to pressure, as seen by his constant rape by the Sisters, and eventually his numerous times spent in Solitary confinement, which never seem to truly break his resolve, as he always returns just as determined as before. Andy is also very intent on attempting to prove his innocence, as, even when no others could possibly believe, he does not give up on his innocence. His resolve and patience is also truly shown by his masterful escape, after secretly digging a hole for 20 years of his life, and his trickery of the Warden, in order to make himself rich.